E.P.A. Reg. # 48598-1

Kill Household Insects

Co-op America Approved for People and the Planet

Make INSECTO your home insecticide

No Smelly Chemicals! Easy To Use!
Kill insects inside RV's Inside RVs and around tires and hitch Insecto-the Home Insecticide

Just squeeze bottle wherever you see bugs, from basement to attic.

Kill insects in woodpiles In every other layer of woodpiles
Kill insects around pet areas On pet sleeping and traffic areas Kill insects in basements In basements
Kill insects in drawers and cabinets Dust lightly under drawers and cabinets Kill insects under and behind kitchen appliances Apply under and behind kitchen appliances

Call 1-800-INSECTO (1-800-467-3286).

How INSECTO Kills Insects

INSECTO is one of the safest non-chemical insecticides on the market, physically (rather than chemically) killing insects by puncturing their bodies, absorbing the body fluids and causing their deaths by dehydration. INSECTO's active ingredient is saltwater Diatomaceous Earth (DE, A Natural Pesticide / Organic Insecticide), the skeletal remains of plankton, allowed by the FDA in human and animal food products in concentrations of up to 2% of weight. INSECTO is registered (EPA Reg #48598-1) for use in the control of the major home insects (e.g., roaches, fleas, moths, silver fish, etc). INSECTO is a very fine, dry dust which attaches to adult and larvae insects as they crawl through treated areas; the insects die from dehydration within 1-14 days after exposure.

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